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The worst thing regarding Google’s Nexus 5

12:20 PM

BGR reviewed Google’s new Nexus 5 earlier this week plus whilst the telephone absolutely isn’t ideal, you mentioned it certainly lives about the buzz. In truth, you went even further to state which the Nexus 5 is probably the just smartphone big-time Android fans must care regarding at all of this christmas season. It’s which advantageous. Nothing is best though, as well as the Nexus 5 has its fair share of shortcomings — though you actually just had a few gripes with all the device. The bad low-light pictures plus bad camera software are disappointing, the deficiency of removable storage help is upsetting as well as the tinny sound standard about voice calls may receive annoying. However there’s 1 flaw which rises above the rest plus stands alone because the worst thing regarding Google’s Nexus 5.

You guessed it — power existence.

Battery existence is an problem for all contemporary smartphones, not only the Nexus 5. Handsets are getting slimmer, displays pack inside more pixels than ever before, mobile running systems are getting more resource intense, plus power technologies merely can’t maintain. The matter is a bit more obvious inside several smartphones than it is actually inside others, though, as well as the Nexus 5 finds itself amidst the worst performers you have tested inside latest months with regards to power lifetime.

Reports have been mixed plus additional reviewers have apparently watched certain erratic behavior, with all the amount of time in between necessary charges differing greatly from 1 day to the upcoming. For you, the Nexus 5 has been very consistent. With typical use that many smartphones can handle for over a full day, the Nexus 5 burns out very instantly. In fact I have found which except I charge the telephone at smallest partially twice every day, the power level is alarmingly low by early night.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost.

Many folks have grown accustomed to keeping a mobile charger at house at function. A third automobile charger is commonplace today also. Chargers are dirt inexpensive about Amazon or eBay plus transportable charging instances plus accessories are small plus lighter than they have ever been before.

What’s more, there are several items Nexus 5 owners will do to stretch the phone’s power lifetime because much because potential. CNET’s Sharon Vaknin has compiled a advantageous list of five convenient methods to heighten the Nexus 5′s power lifetime plus they’re all very easy. Examples include permitting the power saving mode inside the phone’s place settings plus disabling the feature which enables consumers to initiate voice searches by suggesting “OK Google” whilst found on the house screen.

Nexus 5 owners must utilize good sense too, naturally. If battery life is a big concern, set the show to time out reasonably instantly, turn the brightness down plus don’t utilize live wallpapers.

BGR’s full Nexus 5 review is found here, along with a part about the right thing regarding the Nexus 5 is found here.This post is element of the unique feature about BGR which supplements the standard product ratings. In this series, BGR takes a closer consider the greatest plus worst properties of a few of the top customer equipment inside the planet inside an effort to dive deeper into what makes them stand out.