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Polar magnet pen suffers wellness plus protection setbacks

Shipping found on the Kickstarter-funded, magnet-barrelled Polar Pen has been delayed by Health Canada, that has categorized the pen because a "risky magnet set".
(Credit: Andrew Gardner)

The Polar Pen — a pen-stylus hybrid housed inside a barrel of tubular neodymium magnets — blasted past its CA$14,000 Kickstarter funding objective last month, delivering inside a whopping CA$817,164. It was due to ship inside November however, today possibly won't arrive till at smallest early 2014, because of the Canadian government's wellness department, Health Canada.

"It is with remarkable frustration which you are telling we which the Health Canada has reported which the Polar Pen is a risk to human wellness plus protection," creator Andrew Gardner wrote inside an update. "On November 13, 2013, Health Canada informed you which they reviewed the reaction to their inquiry plus are phoning for 'The immediate stop of production, importing, advertising plus marketing of the Polar Pen + Stylus inside Canada because the product is considered a risky magnets set along with a risk to human wellness or protection in the meaning of the CCPSA'."

Earlier this year, Health Canada announced it will be cracking down found on the sale of items which contain tiny, effective magnets. "Health Canada is especially worried regarding novelty magnet sets containing multiple tiny, effective magnet, irrespective of the intended age of the consumer, where the set is intended for employ because a toy or manipulative for general entertainment, including puzzle functioning, sculpture building, mental stimulation or strain relief. The magnet sets of concern commonly comprise of hundreds of tiny, (many models, nevertheless commonly 5 millimetres inside diameter) effective uncommon world element magnetic pieces inside spherical, cube and/or cuboid shapes," its url says.

What this signifies for Canadian backers is the fact that they can not be capable to obtain their magnets. Gardner is currently looking a solution; however, when it comes to a worst-case situation, refunds is issued or an alternate delivery address requested.

As for the rest of the backers internationally, Gardner has had to move creation of his product outside of Canada, partnering with a magnet distributor formerly situated inside Canada which has had to deal with most same issues.

"Our components are being diverted to their center, plus you hope to finally be assembling pens there shortly," Gardner wrote. "Due to the issues with Health Canada, you have had to change the company program plus, consequently, are experiencing setbacks. We hope which this partnership can enable you move aspects forward promptly. We regretfully notify the November backers which you have missed the objective plus usually probably be unable capable to ship the treatments inside time for Christmas. Within the upcoming many days, we'll have a greater learning of the condition plus can notify we with a brand-new expected delivery date. Regarding the February backers, at this time, you do not have cause to believe which we are going to be unable to deliver a benefits about time."

This debacle follows last year's US Consumer Product Safety Commission ruling which Buckyballs plus different tiny magnets pose a wellness risk for kids plus are consequently no longer legal for sale inside the US.

Buckyballs plus additional tiny magnets are moreover permanently banned inside Australia — when they are utilized because piece of the toy or puzzle (including adult desk toys), construction or modelling kit, or jewellery. Whether a magnet-barrelled pen falls beneath any of these categories is difficult to ascertain, however, the categories outlined are especially synonymous to Health Canada's protocols.

Perhaps this could stand because a lesson to do the homework before launching a Kickstarter campaign. "One of the largest frustrations with Health Canada's choice is the fact that little magnets are not illegal inside Canada, plus identical plus even small magnets are accessible for buy online plus from over 100 Canadian stores," Gardner wrote. "Before the Kickstarter campaign, you had no cause to believe which these same magnets will be illegal inside a pen plus nevertheless don't know why small magnets, inside multiples, are legal for sale however the Polar Pen is not."