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Bluetooth gramophone adds old-time class to sound streaming

As classy because all get-out, Gramovox's bluetooth gramophone was inspired by Magnavox's 1920s-era R3 Horn Speaker.
(Credit: Gramovox)

If you're searching for anything a little more stylish for the sound streaming, you don't think it gets more handsome than this. Chicago-based organization Gramovox has built a bluetooth speaker — inside the form of the gramophone horn.

Currently looking US$100,000 inside funding about Kickstarter, the speaker is made to remember a bygone era inside both shape plus function. "Our bold shape plus classic sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox R3 Horn Speaker. Its shape plus function are a wedding of classic plus contemporary aesthetics, producing a timeless part which lets you stream nostalgia," Gramovox wrote. "As sound waves propagate from the horn, we experience an organically mid-range, classic sound."

It's not only a novelty hipster item, though. The steel S-horn, a 3:4 scale reproduction of the 1920s Magnovox R3 Horn Speaker, is produced utilizing 1920s techniques, with all the cone spun about a lathe as well as the throat hydroformed from metal sheets. The two components usually then be hand welded together, powder coated inside a black finish as well as the logo silk-screen printed about. The wooden bases are of walnut or maple, plus inside is a magnetically shielded 66-millimetre cone driver with an impedance of 8 ohms, a range of 230 to 120,000 Hertz along with a signal to sound ratio of 105 decibels.

As we would anticipate, it's not inexpensive, either. It begins at US$249 for backers in the US plus runs as much as US$349 for backers inside the European Union. As for Australia, it's not even included found on the delivery list — following the Kickstarter, Gramovox plans to open a shop which ships internationally. But, the firm didn't specify whether which is following the completion of the funding period about 1 January 2014 or following the speaker ships about May-June 2014.

If you're interested inside understanding more, pay a visit to the Bluetooth Gramophone project page found on the Kickstarter site.