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Razer Kazuyo controller case for iPhone leaked on Twitter

High-profile gadget leaker Evleaks has shared an unofficial first look at a new iPhone accessory from gaming peripheral maker Razer.

(Credit: Twitter/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

There's already no shortage of add-on accessories and game controllers for the iPhone, like the Logitech PowerShell. A new competitor will enter the market soon enough, though, with Razer's upcoming Kazuyo controller case leaked by @evleaks on Twitter.

The Kazuyo case clips on to an iPhone 5 or 5s and has a tilting hinge, a four-way controller pad, four action buttons and a pause button. It's nearly identical in function to the Logitech PowerShell, with two shoulder triggers and an elongated design, but the tilting hinge should make it more versatile.

A new controller API in iOS 7 opened the door for peripheral manufacturers to build controller cases for iOS devices, with Logitech and Moga being two of the first. The Razer Kazuyo seems to be a larger case that's more appropriate for users with larger hands, although it doesn't have a second D-pad or control stick on the right side needed for controlling the camera on many of the iPhone's first-person shooter titles.