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Razer enters the fitness tracker game with Nabu Smartband

Razer has unveiled its latest accessory, the Nabu smartband, a wristband that links to Razer Comms — but also tracks your daily fitness.

Like the smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrids that are starting to proliferate, the Nabu allows you to configure it to receive notifications from your email, text messaging and social media accounts — as well as tracking your incidental exercise through a pedometer.

This latter measures how many steps you walk each day, stairs climbed and distanced travelled, and converts the exercise you do into how many calories you've burned. It also acts as a sleep tracker, and information is displayed on an OLED screen.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Razer gadget if it didn't have a gaming edge. Somehow, Razer Comms — Razer's messenger program for gamers — will be integrated with the device. It will also have band-to-band communication so that you can find buddies nearby, based on user-defined settings.

It will be compatible with both iOS and Android, and available worldwide by April this year. The RRP is yet to be announced, but the developer version of the band — it will support third party applications — will be US$49.