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Meet the Glove Phone, the opposite of hands-free

By   |   June 24, 2013

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Nic Healey could generally be found about a sofa muttering regarding aspect ratios plus 7.1 channel sound - that is helpful because he's the house entertainment man at CNET.

Made because a concept device by Sean Miles at Designworks, the glove telephone is a bit of the misnomer.

The glove telephone inside action.

(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

Rather than a self-contained mobile telephone, the device itself is a repurposed Bluetooth headset built into a general glove.

With the speaker inside the thumb as well as the microphone inside the pinky, the glove lets we chatting found on the telephone by generating the universal "call me" signal.

The concept was crafted to show how wearable tech is integrated into existing apparel, instead of requiring purpose-built equipment like Google Glass.

"We consider a great deal of wearable technologies inside the studio," Miles told the BBC. "Really, you were concentrating about delivering together a technologies plus everyday item which might permit we to receive about with the lifetime, without interfering with operating its everyday task."

While smart watches are surely the present buzz inside wearable tech, you will see a glove telephone will be somewhat efficient inside cold climes. Add inside a discrete flexible touchscreen for reading messages, plus this might be a real winner.


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