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Sen. Schumer Warns Consumers against Inexpensive Cell Phone Batteries

Sen. Schumer Warns Consumers against Inexpensive Cell PhoneUS Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has warned customers regarding the utilization of improperly produced plus inexpensive mobile telephone batteries. Those mobile phone accessories can result overheating plus maybe explosion of the handset. Logically, it will cause severe injuries.

In his weekly hit meeting held inside Union Square, Manhattan, he advised the public against changing mobile batteries with inexpensive alternatives inside the marketplace. Most of the time, those accessories may be counterfeit. The senator revealed that many of those faulty batteries are produced inside China, creating them exempt from import laws.

According to him, many Chinese producers don’t provide full cooperation regarding total customer protection. Those companies, he added, only aim to create money rapidly, leading to improperly produced goods which will pose risk to customers.

Reported incidences

In the previous 2 years, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recorded at minimum 60 problems of mobile telephone batteries explosion, smoking, capturing fire, plus expansion. That figure involves an occurrence inside Texas wherein the cellular phone power exploded inside a man’s ear. In an incident inside Minnesota, a teen got burnt whenever his mobile phone exploded whilst inside his pocket.

Thus, Sen. Schumer asked the commission to determine the problem’s full range. He disclosed which there are absolutely more unreported situations of mobile telephone power explosions plus fire. His concern today is the fact that patronage of those inexpensive batteries is improving together with importation of those accessories.

Safety advices

Pre-installed batteries inside handsets are of high plus safer standard. That is why CPSC is recommending choosing, ordering, plus installing batteries which are produced by the handset producer itself. It warns against utilizing off-brand batteries because substitution accessories. The commission very advised against ordering inexpensive power alternatives which are accessible at steeply lower cost tags. It moreover asks the public to be aware regarding counterfeit labels which aim to trick customers.

According to mobile telephone technicians, lithium batteries which are popular inside mobile phones tend to expand whenever overcharged. Those may furthermore receive puffed up following regarding a year or less of use. Whenever which occurs, the expansion may virtually drive the unit’s motherboard, causing a breakage at the handset’s back.

Most specialists reiterate CPSC’s information. They ask customers to avoid purchasing off-brand batteries to avoid overheating of handsets. Labels plus brands of cellular phone batteries ought to be carefully checked to ensure you're not ordering counterfeit units. If the battery overheats, it will be safer to swiftly switch off the telephone to avoid any further untoward incident.