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Best accessories to spruce-up the Nexus 4



Ok, thus the Nexus 4 has been accessible worldwide for very certain time plus was lately produced officially obtainable in India. There is a white adaptation of the smartphone too, that looks very darn sexy! The Nexus 4 is 1 gorgeous smartphone without a question.

The front of the smartphone has the four.7-inch show plus it is very breathtaking to consider incredibly because the glass curves towards the edge, that is not just fashionable yet has utility too (to access the lock screen apps, we swipe within the edge of the display). The rear of the smartphone is a different story all together. We have a glass back with a prism like shape, that reflect each time we throw certain light about it. The back though is topic for you to get scratched conveniently.

Once the novelty of the Nexus 4 being a beauty inside the hands wears off, you should add certain utility plus security to the smartphone. This really is where the accessories come into play. So, aside from merely safeguarding it with situations plus certain protection guards, here we are going to list for we a list of what you think are the greatest accessories (including cases) you are able to buy for the Nexus four.

1. Cases

Cases for the Nexus 4 are dime a dozen plus despite that we don’t like to cover which gorgeous device with a case particularly because the case hides the back, trust you whenever you state which you are compelled to do thus when you have dropped the device a couple of instances plus see certain scratches about its back.

If we don’t like to conceal the back plus only desire a bumper about the smartphone, you recommend we take a consider the official Nexus 4 bumper prepared by LG. Sure, it isn’t officially obtainable in India however should you are 1 whom would like to keep their situations easy, you are able to purchase 1 from Ebay for Rs. 2,200. It’s very pricey, nevertheless there’s nothing like having the official bumper.

If you may be searching for anything to safeguard the back of the smartphone plus show it off, you are able to take a consider the Rearth Ringke Fusion Case for the Google Nexus 4. It’s priced at Rs. 1,130 plus not just delivers we with a bumper about the smartphone nevertheless a transparent security for the back thus individuals will nevertheless see the gorgeous back of the smartphone.

If you may be 1 that wants the typical leather pouch which doubles up because a wallet for the Nexus 4, you are able to consider the ZENUS LG Google Nexus 4 Premium Leather Wallet Case Cover priced at Rs. 3,000. It not merely covers the whole smartphone and provides we certain destination to keep a cash plus credit cards. It’s good for those which don’t like to carry a wallet with them.

For those of we with kids inside the home, you suggest the Retail Ballistic Shell Gel SG Rugged Tough Case Cover for the LG Nexus 4. The case is priced at Rs. 2,239 plus usually conserve the smartphone from a some drops. The case additionally adds a hold to the smartphone.

2. Wireless charging

The Nexus 4 boast of wireless charging functions plus should you are interested inside placing these features to the test, we've indexed certain wireless chargers for we to consider. To begin along with you have the official Nexus 4 Wireless Charger orb which might expense we a whopping Rs. 7,900. Apart from being cool, the orb equally looks like anything you are able to keep found on the centre table plus have the neighbors awe because we put the smartphone found on the orb plus observe it charge.

If we wish a budget wireless charger for the Nexus 4, you are able to take a consider the Qi Wireless Charging Plate Pad Charger. Priced at Rs. 2,745, this charger not just functions with all the Nexus 4 however with all the Lumia 920 too. The charger is thin, light plus has a simple yet appealing shape plus is technique cheaper than the official orb.

3. Battery pack

The Nexus 4 has a unibody shape, thus we don’t have access to the 2100mAh power. You are able to carry a plethora of found on the go charger along with you where we go nevertheless nothing beats a power pack which sticks to a smartphone like a cover. For this you are able to take a consider the Mugen Power 4500mAh Power Case for the LG Nexus 4. As the name suggests, the pack adds 4500mAh to the 2100mAh power housed inside the smartphone.

4. Car mount

If you're somebody that utilizes the smartphone when driving (despite the reality you firmly suggest which we shouldn’t), you need to employ a auto mount to house the smartphone. This really is especially practical in the event you are 1 that utilizes Navigation apps found on the smartphone. For a small Rs. 1,500, there are a Car Mount Cradle for the Nexus 4. Sure, nearly all of the auto mounts are built to house a range of equipment (a 1 size fits all should you will), plus there are numerous more choices to select from.

5. Gaming controller

Playing games found on the Nexus 4 is a treat, nevertheless there are occasions whenever the touchscreen doesn’t feel like the best controller, specifically should you are 1 that plays a great deal of action, adventure or FPS games found on the telephone. Should you want the comfort of bodily controls found on the smartphone, you are able to consider selecting up the MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android. With the game pad, we receive free downloads of Sonic CD plus PAC-MAN by Namco included with buy. The controller functions with any smartphone running Android 2.3 or high. It runs about 2 AAA batteries, as well as for today, is conveniently accessible through the U.S., shop, thus delivery is additional.

There are 100 of more LG Nexus 4 accessories, in this list you have indexed the ones which you think are distinctive to the smartphone plus are ones you are able to consider buying depending about the requirement. If you think there are other cool accessories for the Nexus 4 obtainable in the marketplace, do share a recommendations with a other visitors, plus you, inside the comments section under.

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