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Ghana: 20 Percent Tax On Mobile Phones Dealers Vent Out Their Frustrations At Gov't

In the advent of the imposition plus assortment of twenty percent taxes about cell phones as well as its accessories by government, dealers inside the industry have raised grave concerns found on the potential ramifications it might wear the livelihood of the individuals as well as the economy at big.

As a happen, the Concerned Mobile Phone plus Accessories Dealers have called about government, because a matter of urgency, to reconsider its choice found on the introduction of the 20% tariff about cell phones as well as its accessories plus withdraw the taxes component because shortly because potential.

They have further called about government to reconsider the imposition of the 12.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) to avert any damaging impact its introduction might wear the economy of the nation.

The Concerned Dealers, whom have shut down their stores plus "showcases" till the issues were solved, have requested government to restrict itself to the speak taxes, that creates avenue for the to heighten its money generation ability.

At a click meeting organized by the dealers inside Accra past, the Secretary to the group, Mr. Isaac Agyare, poured out the frustrations of members because they place over their concerns.

According to the Secretary, when the 20% taxes was sustained, it would cause unemployment because because main players inside the correspondence industry, they will be forced to lay off most of their employees, that unluckily, fall in the youthful age.

Explaining further, the Mobile Phones Dealers noted which the introduction of the taxes might compel various people plus firms to close down their companies, therefore depriving government of the relevant taxes revenue required for infrastructural development.

"We are praying the Government to hold on with all the introduction plus implementation", Mr. Agyare noted.

They have equally noted which because cell phones as well as its accessories became more affordable to the persons, telephone theft had become a thing of the past, noting which "when care is not taken the period comes back" plus therefore create a condition of insecurity in the nation.

The Dealers moreover recounted which the main telephone businesses including Nokia, Samsung, Tecno, G-tide, bird, LG plus Q7 amidst others are considering withdrawing their companies from Ghana because they did inside Kenya plus additional African nations because a outcome of imposition of synonymous tariffs plus taxes about their items.

They indicated which when these tariffs were implemented, folks might utilize unconventional signifies of delivering the items into the nation, therefore depriving government of the necessary plus required money.

"We are of the considered opinion which when these tariffs were sustained, people may enjoy inside smuggling from Nigeria plus different nations, that work from synonymous market", the Dealers warned.