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Mongrel Glass screen protector

Mongrel Glass is a product from Australian tough-phone creator Mongrel Phones. Its principal device is the ruggedised Android ‘Black Ops’ handset, yet it’s meant for serious employ by tradies, farmers, miners etc.

Mongrel Glass is for any iPhone 5, HTC One or Galaxy S4 owner, adding a thick sheet of tempered glass — we’re chatting Gorilla Glass toughness — to safeguard the pricey front screen of the smartphone from any untoward damage.

Mongrel Glass: Design

The retail package for Mongrel Glass is an orange-and-black plastic booklet, padded to safeguard its contents. And there’s a lot inside every packet — when you’re the type of individual who’s had trouble applying a screen protector before, Mongrel has we covered (thus to speak).

Each Mongrel Glass protector, 1 per retail package, comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth, a wet alcohol cleaning wipe, a dry cleaning wipe, a pair of dust reduction stickers, plus finally an insert to enhance the height of the iPhone, One or S4’s house switch. There’s enough here to wash a phone’s screen to inside an inch of its lifetime, plus except it’s absolutely scratched we won’t be seeing any dust or fingerprints or debris under the Mongrel Glass.

Mongrel Glass: Application plus usage

With all of the cleaning hardware which comes with all the Mongrel Glass kit, you had no issue ensuring the screen of the Galaxy S4 was spotless before applying the screen protector itself.

Apart from its tempered glass construction, what makes Mongrel Glass an impressive product is 1 small thoughtful inclusion. Where any screen protector you purchase from a localized telephone kiosk may have a two-part movie about it — eliminate 1 side, put the screen protector, then eliminate the alternative side — each Mongrel Glass protector has a 3rd part. There’s a positioning sticker which whenever uncovered, lets we attach the Glass to a telephone whilst it’s nevertheless completely covered by movie, making we position it well both vertically plus horizontally before generating the dedication of sticking it.

Positioning, uncovering, placing plus smoothing out the Mongrel Glass is easier than any alternative screen protector we’ve utilized. Because it’s thus strong plus rigid, we don’t receive any big bubbles collecting below the glass because you’re placing it, as well as the amount of extras included signifies which there won’t be any stray dust except you’re striving to apply it inside a sandstorm. That positioning sticker is a brilliant idea, plus it signifies we don’t have to peel off, try to re-apply, plus then throw away a fingerprint-covered protector before striving again (because we’ve completed many instances inside the past).

The protector itself looks good. Being optical-grade glass, it’s only because obvious because the front screen of the telephone, plus doesn’t greatly impact color or the amount of detail you are able to see. The Mongrel Glass protector is very thick, though, thus you'll feel it whenever you’re utilizing it, however, found on the S4 especially it does feel all-natural plus impressively sturdy.

Mongrel Phones firmly suggests customers utilize a ‘bumper’ case with their iPhone 5, HTC One or Galaxy S4 whenever the Mongrel Glass protector is used. Its reasoning is the fact that because Mongrel Glass is produced from glass, instead of the plastic movie of many protectors, it’s a little more susceptible to being chipped found on the edges when the telephone is dropped. It’ll do its job — safeguarding the screen of the telephone — however it’ll sacrifice itself when the telephone falls about an edge.

For what it’s value, you utilized the Mongrel Glass protector with the Samsung Galaxy S4, plus dropped it a some occasions by accident — including into an edge, where the phone’s chrome edge strip is today dented — plus didn’t break or break the Mongrel Glass. With a bumper or edge-protecting case is ideal practice, nevertheless we’re reckless, as well as the Mongrel Glass is because strong because we’d anticipate.

Mongrel Glass: Conclusion

The Mongrel Glass kit is accessible for the 3 top smartphones accessible now. With its somewhat curved edges you think it’s greater suited to the Galaxy S4, however even found on the iPhone 5 plus HTC One it looks to do an great job of safeguarding the screen from edge to edge. It’s a costly product compared to a phone-booth movie protector, however should you care regarding the telephone plus value the clearness of its screen, you think it’s a worthwhile buy.

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