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Taronga Zoo from Google Glass

See the animals of Taronga Zoo from the eyes of the owners with Google Glass.(Credit: Google)

Google Glass has a great deal of cool possible, from making you work searches found on the fly to reading information feeds plus utilizing it because a individual GPS.

But we've just simply started to tap into just what it may do, because evidenced with a brand-new movie of the device. The people at Taronga Zoo were interested regarding the headset, thus Google went plus visited for a day for a keeper's-eye view of the zoo's inhabitants.

Highlights include a koala leaping from 1 branch to another, the experience of feeding a giraffe plus viewing an incoming sooty owl swooping towards its keeper's head.

This is where video recording might truly shine — not only inside sharing a point of view which limited seldom experience, nevertheless, for the zookeepers, recording their interactions with their animals so that they may research how to handle them greater.

Plus, it's super, super cute.

Google Glass nonetheless doesn't have a launch date inside Australia — the Taronga team was utilizing an early test pair — yet it's heartening to understand which they're at minimum found on the technique.