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Sound bar plus telephone accessory sales rise inside June 2013


Sound bars, pills plus mobile telephone accessories were amidst the top-selling customer electronics treatments available inside June 2013.

But the UK marketplace declined year-on-year, reports GfK.


Sound bars grew 165 per cent inside value throughout the month, compared to June 2012, due to slimmer TV equipment plus their reduced sound capability. Meanwhile, turntables grew by 11 per cent.

However, the UK Consumer Electronics (CE) sector dipped by 21 per cent inside value year-on-year.

"The summer months inside 2012 showed a more positive pic for the CE marketplace due to the European Football Cup as well as the run about the Olympics," mentioned GfK's Anja Kraus. "These occasions forced sales inside the TV marketplace, primarily inside the 40-inch plus above segment."

TV sales dipped 25 per cent year-on-year as well as the DAB segment dropped 17 per cent inside value. But, automobile sound sales rose five per cent, clock radios were up 18 per cent plus handheld radios up 63 per cent.

View this sound bar sales graph to find out more.


The UK IT marketplace fell 1.7 per cent inside both amount plus value inside June 2013 year-on-year, with pills taking marketplace share away from more conventional processing regions.

Tablets rose 73 per cent inside sales amount throughout the month, however this was tempered by a typical marketing cost decline of 25 per cent over the same period, meaning which value development for pills was really 20.6 per cent.

Desktop computers reduced inside sales amount by 19 per cent plus by 26 per cent inside value, whilst laptop sales dipped 10 per cent inside both amount plus value throughout the month.

"This is a noticeable blow, particularly because this category is significant inside value terms to the total IT marketplace," commented GfK's Chris Kennedy-Sloane. "Media tablets created just somewhat more value to the total IT marketplace than notebooks for the very first time because December 2013. We anticipate media pill sales to stay sturdy, with development rates plateauing this year."

For more, these graphs demonstrate the fall of conventional computing.


The total mobile accessories marketplace additionally grew 3 to five per cent inside value vs June 2012.

"One of the principal motorists behind this heighten inside sales value was mobile situations," mentioned GfK's Hannah Frost. "The year-on-year value development which this segment has watched comes because customers look to invest improving amounts cash about high specification situations to utilize with their mobile handset."

Mobile situations accounted for 25 per cent of sales value inside the mobile accessories marketplace inside June 2013 - the greatest share enjoyed inside the previous 12 months. 

"Within this category, there is a cost polarisation of sales coming by the cost points, with both the sub £10 cost point plus £30+ cost points growing year-on-year," added Frost. "The most of the value development inside the situations category has come from the £30+ cost point, that accounted for almost 50 per cent of all sales value inside June 2013. Many small development has additionally happened inside the sub £10 cost point that accounted for 10 per cent of value inside June 2013."

This graph demonstrates how mobile cases' average marketing costs have changed over time.


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New Samsung Nexus 10 coming 'in the close future'

Just hours following the unveiling of Google’s Nexus 7, the firm’s senior VP reveals a unique Nexus 10 is found on the means.

WSJ reporter Amir Efrati claims which Google’s Sundar Pichal told him a unique 10-inch Nexus is coming ‘in the close future’.

Other than the truth which the hot 10-inch Nexus is built by Samsung, not much else is recognized regarding the device, though rumours recommend it may sport Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

The Nexus 7, that was built by Asus, was unveiled about July 24th, featuring the world’s highest resolution pill screen.

In different Samsung hot, the fast has now reported a 47.5 per cent rise inside April-June working profit. With the smartphone marketplace - that Samsung dominates - slowing down, it's believed Samsung usually invest more inside chips plus panels.

Expect to find brand-new 10-inch Nexus 10 Android pill (prepared by @Samsung) inside the close future, Google's @sundarpichai informs me

— Amir Efrati (@amir) July 24, 2013
Chromecast's Netflix promotion ends following 24 hours due to 'overwhelming demand'

Chromecast’s free three-month Netflix promotion has proven thus favored which Google has had to pull it following merely 1 day.

With the hot TV streaming dongle costing $35 from Amazon plus Best Buy’s site, plus 3 months worth of Netflix costing about $24, customers shortly realised what a deal the deal was.

"Due to extreme need for Chromecast equipment because release, the 3-month Netflix promotion is not any longer available," Google mentioned inside a statement.

The Chromecast streams media through the cloud, instead of direct to the device, it plugs directly into the HDMI port of the TV, plus media is streamed from a smartphone, pill or computer.

The dongle is expected to hit bodily Best Buy shops inside the US about Sunday. As of yet there is not a information regarding an global launch date.


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