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Kreyos Meteor smartwatch

The Kreyos inside its belt-clip accessory, running its own fitness application, looks like alternative pedometers.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

What does it take to create a desirable smartwatch? The Kreyos Meteor is an effort to at smallest outdo the Pebble. Based about attributes, I'm inclined to agree it does...but is the fact that enough?

I got a chance to find plus hold the Kreyos Meteor, a smartwatch that's seeking early-adopter funding about Indiegogo today. The observe, that comes out this fall, functions with iOS, Android, plus even Windows Phone 8 equipment -- or, in the event you want, syncing through Mac or Windows. And, based found on the site as well as the Kreyos Meteor's shape, it's clearly aiming at being a Pebble-beater, particularly.

What I mean by which is the fact that the Kreyos is equally a black-and-white observe (equally with a 144x168-pixel screen), plus like the Pebble it lacks a touch screen. It has a range of customizable observe encounters, plus will obtain notifications over Bluetooth, like texts plus telephone calls. It's waterproof, too, only like the Pebble. The Kreyos costs $169, compared with $150 for the Pebble.

But the Kreyos may moreover obtain plus create actual telephone calls or tap into Siri or Google Then through an integrated speakerphone, simply like the Martian Passport Watch. And it has its own integrated pedometer plus cycling fitness apps, like a Fitbit or Basis Band -- anything which, oddly, watches like the Pebble deficiency (though the Pebble does integrate with RunKeeper).

The laundry list of attributes plus specs is titanic: the Kreyos Meteor has Bluetooth four.0, 2.1+EDR, plus even ANT+ help for cross-compatibility with exterior wearable wellness devices; a six-axis accelerometer and gyrometer (for future apps like 1 which guarantees to measure plus track the golfing swing), a backlight, 5-meter-plus water resistance, a speakerphone plus microphone, Siri plus Voice Control help, cloud storage for fitness plus different information, app-programmable gesture control (for whenever we raise a hand or twist a wrist, for instance), plus swappable accessories.

You don't even need to utilize the Kreyos Meteor like a observe at all. It's really a self-sufficient small puck which pops inside plus from a range of bright-colored watchbands, or lanyards, or rubber clips. It can be a sports device without ever gracing a wrist.

It all sounds exciting for those whom fantasize regarding an all-in-one wearable magic device, nevertheless the prerelease adaptation I got to find shows which the Kreyos observe is bulkier-feeling than the Pebble, with a blockier shape. It's not really which much bigger, yet it lacks the curved lines plus wrist-hugging shape. Its 4 side buttons cycle by qualities much like found on the Pebble.

The Meteor requires a separate plug-in USB cradle to sync with a PC. At smallest it may do that: it could sync through mobile device or Mac/Windows for those whom don't have active smartwatches, when the Pebble remains purely to mobile syncing with Android plus iOS through Bluetooth.

The Kreyos is accessible for preorder about Indiegogo at the moment, where an early purchase currently gets we 1 for $129. Otherwise, the Kreyos can expense $169 whenever it debuts, that is currently targeted for November.

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