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Tecno Calls for Dialogue to Address Market Impasse

Tecno Mobile, machines of Tecno brand of cell phones, has mentioned it really is available to dialogue to address the active misunderstanding between it as well as the Phone Dealers Association inside the Computer Village Market inside Ikeja, Lagos.

Worried by the dispute between your 2 bodies, Tecno mentioned fighting, accusations, plus countertop accusations wouldn't assist to grow the telephone company inside the Computer Village Market, which had enjoyed peaceful marketplace environment inside latest years, being the biggest focus of computer plus telephone dealers plus customers inside West Africa.

President of Phone Dealers Association of Nigeria, Computer Village, Mr. Godfrey Iyke Nwosu, had alleged which Tecno, a new brand inside the marketplace was skimming to control a better percentage of the marketplace share, by utilizing many signifies to pull down telephone dealers inside the marketplace.

The battle for marketplace supremacy, led to distrust, accusations plus counter accusations between Tecno as well as the Phone Dealers Association, a condition which compelled the organization to pull down plus eliminate all banners plus bill boards belonging to Tecno inside the Computer Village, plus vowed to result in the company uncomfortable for the Chinese organization, creator of Tecno brand of cell phones.

The organization furthermore alleged which Tecno masterminded the latest raid of the marketplace by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), where many substandard plus unapproved cell phones were noticed plus confiscated within the marketplace.

Grieved by the belief which Tecno organized the see of SON to the marketplace penultimate week, the organization lately invited the Nigerian Immigration Service to raid Tecno, for numerous offenses bothering about illegal documents of resident permit for Tecno staff which are Chinese yet based inside Nigeria.

Displeased with all the complete situation of alleged accusations plus countertop accusations, Deputy General Manager, Tecno Nigeria, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo, denied the allegations leveled against Tecno plus called for peaceful dialogue to address the issues.

According to Okonwo, "Tecno is a peaceful brand which is focused about marketplace development plus won't do anything to bring down the marketplace where it operates. We are not behind the latest raid of the marketplace by SON. The truth is the fact that SON is a statutory body inside Nigeria plus Tecno cannot plus will likely not influence its action available."

He explained which Tecno wouldn't in almost any method program to frustrate company inside the marketplace, plus called for peaceful dialogue to address the issues in front of you.

"People that are not happy with all the progress of the brand merely like to pull down the brand for no cause. The issue at stake is not obvious to you. The grouse of telephone dealers organization is not obvious plus their need for the bodily presence of the Chief Executive Officer is not effectively defined," Okonkwo mentioned, whilst interacting with all the click.

"This is anything you will handle inside ourselves without purchasing the Chief Executive Officer to come to Nigeria from China, plus you are prepared to enter into dialogue with them, inside purchase to address the issues amicably. We furthermore wish To understand what the real issues are, Okonkwo insisted.

The Computer Village Market is the biggest focus of traders plus customers which trade about computer hardware plus software, printers, electronic devices, cell phones plus their accessories. Its platform is a beehive of trading escapades where billions of naira are produced about daily basis.

As a outcome of the unstructured nature of the marketplace, it has witnessed many challenges ranging from agitation over marketplace control by different factions of marketplace associations, to control of pirated software plus cloned hardware treatments which are available inside the marketplace.

Although it has a recognised body called the Computer plus Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), there had been disagreement involving the controlling body as well as the traders, a condition which led to division amidst members of the computer marketplace organization.