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Consumer Forum: Is the mobile
genuine or fake?

Consumer Forum: Is the mobile
genuine or fake?Salah Al Deberky / 28 August 2013 DED inside Dubai asks customers to utilize their specialized service to check the genuineness 
of the product they purchase to avoid being cheated

The Department of Economic Development (DED) inside Dubai has called about customers to utilize 1 of its specialized services to check the genuineness of cell phones they purchase.


Shop ordered to return money: A guy lodged a problem with all the Consumer Protection Department against a auto designing store for painting his auto with a incorrect shape following he paid Dh10,000. He need the amount to be refunded. The store owner agreed for this yet not inside cash, he will be authorized to choose certain alternative services or items within the store. The complainant refused this provide. The department’s Consumer Complaints Section approached both parties plus ordered the store owner to pay back the amount to the complainant inside cash. No substitution when goods are used: A female lodged a problem with all the department against a footwear store, stating which she purchased a pair of boots within the store for Dh1,486. Five days later, she went to the store asking for changing the boots found on the grounds which the terms provided inside the buy receipt mentioned a buyer may ask for a substitution of goods inside a month within the date of buy. Though the female was looking a substitution inside this period, she had employed the boots whenever they were inside her possession. The Consumer Complaints Section communicated with all the parities worried following that it was confirmed which the boots were chosen by the buyer. The section told the female which the store wasn't liable to substitute them because she had utilized them plus they didn't have any production problems, based on the conditions stated inside the buy receipt.Jeweller agrees to return ring: A guy purchased a gold ring from a jewellery. Later whenever he was inside dire need cash, he contacted the store again plus sold it to the jeweller following an agreement was reached between them which he might return soon to gather the ring for the same amount it was sold to the store. However, whenever he went back to reclaim the ring, the store owner didn't cooperate. He lodged a problem with all the department as well as the Consumer Complaints Section communicated with all the store owner whom pointed out a ring of which shape was no longer accessible because it was produced inside 2007 plus which the store might contact the complainant because shortly as a result a ring became accessible.Firm to repair damaged gate: A girl complained against a courier services firm. She mentioned the company’s driver delivered the goods she had booked at her doorstep because agreed on, nevertheless the car which carried the goods smashed the front gate of her home damaging it as well as its control device. The Consumer Complaints Section approached the company’s manager as well as the issue was solved amicably because the the business agreed to bear the expense of repairing the gate plus substitute its control device.Restaurant told to honour order: A complainant mentioned he had ordered for a food from a restaurant over the telephone. The restaurant’s telephone attendant assured him which the food will be delivered in 20 minutes at the maximum however it wasn't delivered. When he went to the restaurant, he found it closed. The Field Control Section, that investigated the problem, discovered which the restaurant had failed to honour its dedication as well as its owner was cautioned against duplicating these a violation. The owner was asked to abide by the agreement prepared with all the customers plus notify the customer when the restaurant couldn't deliver any meal purchase.Shop agrees to receive telephone repaired: A girl mentioned she had purchased a cellphone from a well-known trading store. She realised a while later which the telephone wasn't working correctly. As the telephone was nevertheless in the guarantee period, she contacted the store to receive the condition fixed. Even following the repair, the malfunctioning stayed unsolved. On getting the problem, the Consumer Complaints Section verified the guarantee certificate plus mediated with all the outlet that agreed to settle the condition amicably by repairing the telephone.(Compiled by Salah Al Deberky)

The service laun-ched 2 years ago inside collaboration with all the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) may function as the simplest plus authentic source for customers to check whether their brand-new purchase is genuine or fake, mentioned Intellectual Property Rights Protection Section Senior Manager Ibrahim Behzad.

He advised the customers to utilize the service to fight the spreading of fakeproducts inside the nation, plus safeguard themselves from possible problems and also being cheated.

“The customer will guarantee whether his/her mobile telephone is genuine or not by phoning *#06#. He/she then will get a message giving the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of his phone. Send this number in an SMS to 8877. The person will get a message confirming whether his/her phone is genuine or not,” he said.

In the last two months, the Intellectual Property Protection Section of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector at the department fined nearly 300 mobile phone shops and confiscated over 10,000 counterfeit mobile phones during inspections.

More than 20,000 fakephone accessories and batteries were also seized.

The drive focused on the protection of trademark proprietors. Meetings were held with the representatives of legal firm offices of a number of international companies manufacturing mobile phones.

“Inspectors at the department carried out, over the past days, intensive inspection campaigns on wholesale markets in places like Deira, which has several popular phone stores,” said Behzad.

“The crackdown also included Dragon Mart in Dubai International City.

The inspectors also found nine warehouses in which duplicate mobile phone were stored.

As many as 288 phone shops were issued tickets for selling fakephones, phone batteries and accessories of international brands, he said.

Behzad urged consumers to avoid buying fake mobile phones as they, though cheap, were of low quality and, in some cases, would not be working in the local telecommunication networks.

Acquiring or promoting these fakephones was a violation of the intellectual property rights, and selling them to consumers without informing them that they were counterfeit came under the framework of trade fraud, which was punishable by law, he warned.

He noted particularly that counterfeit batteries could endanger the life of the person who used it. That was why the DED launched, in collaboration with the TRA, the special service for consumers in the UAE to check whether the mobile phone they bought was genuine or fake.

“Through continuous cooperation and coordination with the representatives of the international companies of trademark owners, the DED is determined to intensify surveillance to combat the menace and protect consumers from its negative impacts.”

Trader caught selling crackers worth Dh3,000 

A trader has been arrested in a sting operation for allegedly selling large quantities of firecrackers and fireworks in Dubai.

Inspectors of the Field Control Section at the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector of the Department of Economic Development Department (DED) also seized more 1,000 canisters of crackers and fireworks from his store in Dubai.

The DED called on consumers to immediately report such shops to stop the sale and protect consumers.

Elaborating on the operation, Commercial Department Director Waleed Abdul Malik said one of the inspectors posed as a customer who wanted to buy a large quantity of fireworks. He struck a deal with the trader to buy crackers worth Dh3,000 and the latter agreed to deliver the same at a particular spot.

When the trader was in the process of handing over the firecrackers to the inspector, other inspectors and police swooped down on him.

“The sale of firecrackers and similar products endanger the society and pose a threat to the health and lives of consumers. Such practices should be strictly dealt with — be it by the surveillance agencies or consumers,” Malik said.

He appealed to the public to report to the bodies concerned in case of spotting any such practice.

“It has always been the endeavour of the DED to curb all such illegal practices in markets,” he said. The department has been undertaking studies from time to time on the types of law violations and illegal practices to counter them before they harm the people.

“The department inspectors have noticed the sale of fireworks happens mostly during the holy month of Ramadan and festivals like Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha and anniversaries.”

Traders also promoted different types of firecrackers online — through some websites and social networking sites.

“They do not mind who they sold these products to. Youth and children are their potential targets.”

He warned the public against bursting crackers or conducting fireworks without authorisation and not by unqualified persons.

Giving a new service without permit punishable 

An automobile repairing workshop in Dubai has been penalised for offering the car wash service without a permit.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) said trading establishments in Dubai were not allowed to change or start new activities without acquiring a permit from the competent government department or entity. Otherwise, the owner could be held liable and face legal action.

“Inspectors of the department, who go around the emirate everyday inspecting the companies, noticed that the automobile repairing workshop had been offering the car wash service. Most of the customers present had brought their vehicles for a wash and very few had come to get their vehicles repaired,” said Ahmed Al Awadhi, Senior Manager at the4 Field Control Section.

The workshop had set up a special section equipped with all devices required for car wash and polishing, which were not allowed according to its permit.

“The workshop was issued a warning for changing the licensed activity or adding to a new service without the approval of the DED or the competent government body,” he said. The owner was warned not to repeat the offence and asked to apply for an approval for the new activity.

The owners of establishments must carry out only the activities mentioned in their trade licences, which were issued after ensuring that they had the necessary facilities and proficiency in undertaking such activities and the safety of doing so on the premises.

“The businessman or owner of the company should always read the rules and conditions governing the economic activity allowed, and adhere to these rules to avoid legal action. Altering the activity or adding a new one may harm the interests of the consumer in the end, as there is no guarantee that the company is qualified or not to practise that activity.”

DED plans to issue quarterly consumer confidence report 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is planning to issue quarterly consumer confidence reports.

The DED’s Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Section announced recently that it was keen on issuing the report regularly to measure the consumer’s vocational and financial status and his/her ability to purchase.

The report would focus on three major parameters: the consumer’s perception of job opportunities, perception of one’s personal financial situation and ideas about buying items he/she needs and desires, said Nasser Al Zahid, Senior Director of Follow-Up Section.

To know such indicators and their reflections on Dubai’s economic status are important since they would give an understanding of the consumer behaviour and how he/she arrives at a decision to buy a particular item or service.

“While the consumer confidence index shows that the emirate of Dubai scored a higher performance rating than average in the second quarter of this year attaining 143 points, it reflects the continuity of confidence and positivity among consumers about the current economic status,” he said.

“We would like suppliers, merchants and investors in the commercial sector and retail market in Dubai to keep in touch with the department and ask for the consumer confidence report since it reflects the present and future market position and shows consumer reactions towards the primary economic data and their prospective expectations from the market.”


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Starting today, Khaleej Times will run the ‘Consumer Forum’ series in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Readers can email their complaints and suggestions to with the subject line ‘Consumer Forum’ or raise them directly with the DED on phone number 600545555


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