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Galaxy Note 3 accessories recommend launch about AT&T, Sprint plus Verizon

White Galaxy Note

Samsung isn’t planning to declare the Galaxy Note 3 till upcoming week, however you are able to absolutely purchase accessories for it now about Amazon. Laptop Mag spotted certain extended batteries with back covers and cases accessible for sale. Many interesting is the extended power from Hyperion Electronics Accessories, that tags the product for compatibility with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon plus global versions of the telephone.

We absolutely understand plenty regarding the Galaxy Note 3, nevertheless carrier accessibility is not 1 of those factors. If this listing is correct, it will indicate which Samsung is planning to launch the telephone about 3 of the main U.S. carriers, though T-Mobile is conspicuously missing. This may be a careless omission about Hyperion EA’s element, or it’s potential the telephone won't debut about T-Mobile.

While Apple has been infamously picky inside its relationships with wireless carriers, Samsung seems to cast a much wider web, with almost all of its equipment accessible because commonly because potential. However, T-Mobile is truly the only carrier not to provide the new Moto X inside stores (though you are able to nonetheless receive it online), thus anything can be done.

All of these accessories “usually ship with 3 to 5 weeks,” that can moreover be an indication for whenever to anticipate the Galaxy Note 3 to become accessible to the public. No dimensions are indexed for any of these accessories, thus there’s no brand-new information on how big the Galaxy Note 3 is. But if the rumors are any indication, anticipate the telephone to feature a 5.7-inch screen, with slimmed down bezels which enable it to occupy the same relative footprint because the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung has confirmed it may declare the Galaxy Note 3, and also the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, at an event about September four.