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VrAse turns a smartphone into VR goggles

A easy 3D-printed case currently looking funding about Kickstarter may convert a smartphone into the show about a VR headset.
(Credit: Louise Bankhead)

The Oculus Rift is taking its time to perfect for the customer marketplace, nevertheless when you're following a virtual-reality (VR) or augmented-reality (AR) experience, 1 product can give a answer which utilizes a smartphone because the show.

Called vrAse, by Edinburgh, Scotland-based Louise Bankhead, it's a 3D-printed headset. The smartphone slides into the front, providing the show.

Packed inside the headset is a pair of interchangeable lenses, 1 for every eye. Utilizing an application which splits a show into 2 separate pictures — what exactly is well-known as side-by-side or SBS formatting, for that there are numerous existing apps — every eye then sees a somewhat different adaptation of the same image, creating an efficient 3D view.

Using content which has been converted into SBS or converting it oneself, it may be chosen about almost any existing content, including movies plus games — though for games, you need a system of controlling it which isn't the phone's touchscreen, for apparent factors.

You could moreover utilize it with a phone's camera to record first-person movie, because watched inside the movie under.

There are six phones which vrAse has been built to match perfectly: the iPhone 5, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S3 plus S4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It has been optimised for phones with a 5- to 6-inch screen; anything bigger is too thick for the headset plus wearer; plus, should you don't have some of the "ideal fit" phones, a universal adapter can accommodate a device.

It's important to note which vrAse will likely not function with glasses; but, the Kickstarter page notes which you'll not require the glasses, except inside situations of more serious myopia, inside that case you are able to wear contact lenses.

A pledge of £58 (AU$100), and £15 (AU$26) global delivery, gets we 1 vrAse inside the color of the choice, white or dark gray, with an estimated delivery date of February 2014. Head over to the vrAse Kickstarter page or the vrAse website for more information.