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Smartphone Spy Lens turns a telephone into a periscope

Want to take pictures about corners like a real spy? Scope out the Smartphone Spy Lens.
(Credit: Photojojo)

We love the idea of the smartphone periscope making we employ a camera because a technique of peeking sneakily about corners plus even snapping images from a different angle. (We don't suggest we do this without the subject's permission, though, considering that's simply creepy.)

Last year, you saw the HiLo lens, a right-angle lens connection for iPhones, hit Kickstarter (plus succeed). Although it looks effectively produced, for US$69.95 and shipping, it's a little over countless are comfortable spending about a smartphone accessory, plus might not function for curved phones.

Photojojo is going to come out with a somewhat more affordable solution: the Smartphone Spy Lens for simply US$20 (plus shipping). It's less fancy because the HiLo, that contains 3 lenses along with a prism; rather, it utilizes a mirror at a 45-degree angle. This is rotated thus to take images from any position.

It has a magnetic ring about its base; included with all the periscope is an adhesive metal ring to stay the phone's camera lens. The periscope will then be magnetically installed.

It's a program which functions terrific with almost any telephone available — plus, when you're at it, a range of lens attachments. While you're there, you might too combine delivery, appropriate?