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Mobile accessory highlight (VIDEO)

In the look for several new mobile accessories to go together with the smartphone or tablet? Maybe you’ve got a birthday coming up plus you’re prepared to treat oneself. Perhaps we have a friend or relative whom will be thrilled with a brand-new device. Here’s 4 cool equipment you think you’d enjoy!

Galaxy S4 Waterproof/Shockproof Smart Mount

With numerous levels of security including the inside silicon pillow, this Galaxy S4 case offers full access to the phone’s touch screen, power/home/sleep/wake buttons, rear/front cameras, phones jacks, speakers, plus mike. The case is water-tight, plus completely sealed up against the ingredients like rainfall, snow, dirt, dust, plus even your sweat. The hard protective shell guards again fall plus impact damage. The case is installed inside either land or portrait mode for ideal experience.  Bike2Power | Amazon

Scosche MicroBOX

The retractable plus tangle-free shape lets we neatly charge plus sync the equipment. microBOX extends about 3 feet plus retracts inside its case. This really is the most perfect answer for on-the-go lifestyles. Magnetic micro USB plus USB connectors remain inside spot whenever the cable is retracted. Scosche | Amazon

HD PenCam – Mini 720p Video Camera & Recorder

The Swann HD PenCam Mini 720p Video Camera & Recorder – a brand-new twist about 1 of Swann’s ideal sellers! It’s a fashionable ballpoint pen 1 minute. A high-tech spying device the upcoming permitting we to capture movie plus pictures with all the drive of the switch! The elegant ribbed casing with metallic gold trim plus pocket clip holds an executive-quality black ballpoint pen with hidden skills, because it contains a pinhole video camera thus little we virtually can’t see which it’s there.  Swann | Amazon

Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh External Battery

Anker Astro mini 3000mAh outside power packs deliver 8 hours of speak time or 1 full charge to the iPhone 4 / 4S / 3G / 3GS; Add 80+ hours of sound playback or perhaps a full charge to the power existence of many mobile telephone. For those that merely require a boost to receive from the last hours of your day, the Anker Astro Mini plus Anker Slimtalk provide a single full charge to a smartphone inside a advantageous compact package. Anker | Amazon