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App-enabled smart wireless accessories to create over $23bn by 2018


App-enabled smart wireless accessories to create over $23bn by 2018

New results from leading hi-tech analysts, Juniper Research, have revealed which hardware plus service profits from app-enabled smart wireless accessories can surpass $23 billion inside 2018, compared to $2 billion this year. The key regions driving this development is fitness, wellness, Consumer Electronics (CE), repayments plus enterprise equipment.

This revenue development is propelled by 4 key elements:

-    An heighten inside the adoption of the ‘software because a service’ proposition.

-    The development of extra services delivered in the application.

-    The emergence of the ‘freemium’ model inside fitness plus medical wearables.

-    The rise of payment transaction profits.

Robust Ecosystem required for Service Model Development

Juniper’s newest report, ‘Smart Wireless Accessories: CE, Fitness, Health, Payments & Enterprise 2013-2018’ found which many company models exist in the smart wireless accessories marketplace, defined to certain extent by the segments to that they belong.

The development of the robust environment for the creation of peripheral based company models may affect how revenue is produced in the marketplace together with development specifications plus laws playing their element, incredibly for repayments plus medical accessories. Report author Nitin Bhas added: “The wireless accessory ecosystem remains developing plus can evolve over the upcoming five years to become a fact for a much broader audience”.

The report notes which when modern, because yet undeveloped, utilize instances usually emerge inside the customer electronics marketplace over the forecast period, the company case supporting payment smart wireless accessories is both intuitive plus credible.

While this supports the fast development of payment accessories inside the medium expression, businesses are probably to focus about core markets for the foreseeable future, accounting for the marketplace being skewed towards the US, Europe plus Far East where services are being available.

The report equally forecast which smart wireless accessory shipments might approach 170 million by 2018, plus mentioned a multi-channel approach is important to gain traction inside the race to secure a destination inside this unique marketplace.