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How Microsoft Convinced Me to Purchase an iPhone 5s

iphone-5s-5c 14
iphone-5s-5c 14

It wasn’t all which lengthy ago which I became a staunch Windows Phone consumer. After flipping from a easy mobile telephone, Windows Phone became my existence companion, the working program I turned to whenever I required to receive anything performed – even with a Windows PC appropriate inside front of me. How did Apple persuade me to stand inside line for an iPhone 5s about release day? It didn’t: Microsoft did.

What have we completed for me lately?

Windows Phone isn’t which lengthy inside the tooth. Having scrapped Windows Mobile, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 to important acclaim. Below, finally, became a fresh unique concept of what a mobile interface may resemble. Unfortunately, Windows Phone’s shape team looks to have sat about their hands for the upcoming 3 years.

Windows Phone 8S by HTC Red
Windows Phone 8S by HTC Red

Windows Phone 8′s reside tiles are ideal, they’re moreover overly relied on.

Windows Phone 8 continues to be flat, plus Live Tiles continue to be the best shape of notifications I’ve watched implemented into a smartphone running program. However, watching a limited videos of the method notifications function inside iOS 7 persuaded me which Live Tiles plus one-time pop-ups could not act because a device’s sole source of notifications.

These issues, plus Microsoft’s inability to receive big comprehensive upgrades inside the hands of consumers inside timely fashion, left me with a sour taste inside my mouth. There Apple was, shipping a new flat appealing interface, questionable icon philosophies apart, with an running program which is completely showcased. Meanwhile, I was nevertheless waiting for an update to help the radio playback functionality which my Lumia 920 plus HTC 8X shipped with a year ago. For the record, I’ve yet to get which update, plus Microsoft finalized it inside early June, reportedly.

Microsoft Anywhere

Xbox Music about Android is accessible now.
Xbox Music about Android is accessible now.

Like Xbox Music, almost all of Microsoft’s apps plus services are accessible about Android plus iPhone.

For all issues I have with Windows Phone at when, I both value plus cherish most Microsoft’s additional core goods like Xbox Music, SkyDrive, Office 2013 plus Bing. Until fairly lately, you’d have had to have a Windows Phone to receive these a potent blend of Microsoft treatments.

Luckily, Microsoft has been over good regarding providing iOS applications for most of its services plus items. My iPhone 5s has Xbox Music, Office 2013, Bing, Xbox SmartGlass, OneNote plus SkyDrive installed, plus you are able to bet I’m utilizing them over Apple’s equivalents.

Should I choose to change back to Windows Phone, or Android, I may take all my info with me, plus every application absolutely functions with all the Windows 8.1-equipped Dell XPS 13 plus Microsoft Surface I absolutely have.

Microsoft’s alternative companies need to embrace alternative mobile platforms, plus it’s wise company to do thus. But, which furthermore signifies which Live Tiles, its distinctive interface plus first-class SkyDrive syncing are truly the only thing separating Windows Phone from platforms with a lot more apps plus accessories.

Great Devices Where?


The Nokia Lumia 920 upcoming to the iPhone 5s.

I’m a staunch Nokia supporter plus have been since that time I took my HTC 8X from the box plus realized how much of a also-ran the device was compared to the Lumia 920. The company’s phones are the real deal, truly the only thing standing between Window’s Phones complete annihilation at the hands of the iPhone 5s as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nokia’s equipment are equally completely not appealing in almost any means which I find relevant beyond color. At a time whenever the globe has appreciated colored metals plus alternative high-end finishes, Nokia appears hell-bent about delivery thick, polycarbonate designs. Don’t receive me incorrect. I value, sturdiness. The Lumia 920 may take a whipping. But, I don’t think it’s fair to put a Lumia 1020 or perhaps a Lumia 920 upcoming to an iPhone 5s plus ask individuals to select.

Of course, the organization looks to have rectified this problem with all the Lumia 925, however which device prepared it to shop shelves in early spring. The Lumia 925 can be changed inside Nokia’s line up any day today, plus it’s not like its requirements placed it inside flagship device territory anyway.

So there it happens to be. I bought an iPhone 5s considering Microsoft created the choice effortless. I’ll probably return to Windows Phone at several point. I love its interface, plus I utilize more Microsoft items than 1 individual ought to be enabled to. However, even for Microsoft fans, an iPhone 5s is really a greater destination for when.