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A Protective Case For The iPhone 5S: 21 Million Ways

Los Angeles (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

With the unveiling of 2 unique designs for the iPhone 5/5S case, Story Leather today provides more customization choices than any store of its type.

The online brand, that specializes inside handcrafted leather accessories—cell telephone & pill situations, wallets, handbags—has surpassed the 21 million mark for the total quantity of distinctive combinations which consumers could create whenever designing their own genuine leather instances at

“It’s an significant milestone for you to hit before the christmas season, you wish shoppers to create one-of-a-kind presents plus this brings you closer,” mentioned founder Jerry Lee.     

Using Story Leather’s customization interface shoppers select from outdoor hues, leather patterns, inside hues, clasps, highlight hues, backing designs plus will personalize their situations even further with logo plus monogram stamping. Personalization nonetheless, is not truly the only technique which Story Leather is filling an significant void on the market, the start-up equally provides custom sizing choices for situations which will need distinctive dimensions to be fitted for phones with extended power packs or additional unusual sizing requirements.

“Some clients come to you with defensive instances or alternative add-ons which create their equipment too big to match into their purse. We are truly the only firm available which may size a case or carrier to these precise specifications--down to a fraction of a inch--to deliver any the customer prepared need. We are not one size fits all plus which enables you to cater to more telephone models than many other businesses could, even the models which are harder to obtain situations for,” mentioned Lee.

The concept for Story Leather came whenever founder Jerry Lee went to buy the leather case for his mobile inside 2010. All the situations within the retail shops he found were low standard plus all designer brands were astronomically priced.

“There were instances we can personalize online however they were largely made from plastic or low standard artificial leather,” mentioned Lee.

In terms of durability, Jerry knew which genuine leather was the best information for a defensive case plus he wouldn’t settle for anything less.

“We pay thus much for these equipment I sought a information which might safeguard them plus last.”

Realizing which he possibly wasn’t truly the only 1 interested in well-crafted leather situations, Jerry searched endlessly for a product which offered what he was interested in nevertheless found nothing.

That’s whenever he got the idea to merge 2 inspirations together. What in the event you took the special customization choices which firms supply for their plastic situations with plus paired them with all the top quality components, plus craftsmanship, of the designer brands?

“I’m interested inside self-expression, all of us carry these equipment which are the same, I love the idea of taking anything thus uniform plus creating it personal,” mentioned Lee.

Now just 1 year following his initial look, Story Leather is truly the only business inside the United States which provides customized fine leather cellular phone instances, pill instances, wallets, bags plus holsters with millions of customization combinations for every kind of device.

“This company will be a lot simpler when you didn’t provide thus much customization, points will be easier, nevertheless the objective is individuality, you place the customer’s ability to select at the center of what you do.”

For more info about Story Leather, please contact Cynthia Romanowski at 714-403-4542 or through e-mail at cynthia(at)storyleather(dot)com.

Story Leather is an online store which specializes inside handcrafted, totally customizable, genuine leather accessories including instances for mobile equipment, wallets, holsters plus handbags. Story Leather is truly the only business of its type inside the planet of high-end leatherware.