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Adidas reveals its own fitness smart observe

Another day, another smart observe.
(Credit: Claudia Cruz/CNET)

This time, it's Adidas that's stepped into the ring, with its as-yet-unnamed smart observe aimed at fitness freaks — especially athletes.

We state smart observe, however, the Adidas wrist bling doesn't really have the quantity of attributes which we could anticipate from which name. Instead of connecting to a smartphone, for illustration, it's really a stand-alone device.

Instead, the observe has in-built flash memory for a running tunes, GPS for monitoring a distance plus speed plus sound training to help inspired. Its true killer feature is pulse-based heart-rate monitoring, anything numerous athletes have been wanting from a wearable device for several time today.

Paul Gaudio, head of Adidas Interactive, mentioned, "We're striving to result in the smartest running observe. Whenever you're out playing sports, we need less stuff — just what you ought to work."

Adidas expects the observe to be out about November 1 inside the US for US$399. There's been no info regarding an Australian launch.