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Google Glass APK reveals nifty future attributes

Hidden inside a Google Glass APK, Android Police has noticed the raft of voice commands which can be implemented inside the future.
(Credit: Google)

The newest software update (XE10) for Google Glass landed last week for anybody fortunate enough to have gotten their hands found on the device, delivering transit instructions, hyperlinks inside notifications plus profile images inside messages.

That's very clean plus all, yet beneath the bonnet is where the number one stuff is. Android Police had a poke about XE10's code plus found a bunch of attributes which haven't been implemented yet.

The qualities fall beneath the GlassVoice APK — the program which handles the "OK Glass" voice commands which let we to utilize Google Glass by telling it what to do. The list is very interesting:

  • Add a calendar event

  • Call me a car

  • Capture a panorama

  • Check me in

  • Create a 3D model

  • Find a recipe

  • Learn a song

  • Play a game

  • Play music

  • Record a recipe

  • Remind me to...

  • Show a compass

  • Start a bicycle ride

  • Start a round of golf

  • Start a run

  • Start a stopwatch

  • Start a timer

  • Translate this

  • Tune an instrument

Some appear very straighforward, including "Play music", "Capture a panorama" or "Add a calendar event", nevertheless you were very intrigued by "Tune an instrument" plus "Create a 3D model" — the initial considering it signifies without to question where you would have left a tuning fork as well as the latter considering it can imply which Glass can have the ability to build a 3D model of the real-world object by strolling about plus scanning it with all the glasses. Maybe.

Also tucked away inside the eye-control folder, called Gaze, became a unique control called "double blink". Eye control has yet to be implemented too, yet qualities like "wink for photo" sound especially promising.

Head over to Android Police for the full teardown.