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Sony SmartWatch 2 review

With Samsung's Galaxy Gear stealing headlines plus Apple's iWatch continuously doing the rumour rounds, the smart observe concept has become a surprisingly hot topic. Sony threw its own model into the ring last year with all the first SmartWatch, yet it didn't actually impress.

It's back with all the SmartWatch 2 though, complete with a bunch of brand-new attributes which Sony hopes can knock the smug smile off Samsung's face. It's got a brand-new shape that's water resistant -- though not waterproof -- plus has a somewhat heavier 1.6-inch screen.

Like the Gear, it links to the Android smart telephone, performing because a 2nd screen to display incoming calls plus texts without creating we fish out a complicated telephone every time it vibrates. Unlike the Gear though, there's a healthy catalogue of 3rd party apps which bring e-mail plus social network help to its small face.

With more 'smart' functions up its sleeve, the SmartWatch 2 will be a truly worthwhile telephone accessory, yet I found its software to be thus buggy plus sluggish to utilize it was very difficult at occasions wouldn't function at all.

At £150, it may be much cheaper than the Gear, nevertheless is it inexpensive enough to compensate for the pretty awful experience it provides?


The SmartWatch is a fairly merely crafted part of kit, prepared up of the black, metal-edged square that's plonked about a rubber strap. It's a quite plain shape plus I personally think the curved glass plus brushed metal shape of Samsung's Galaxy Gear is more elegant.

Sony has produced a couple of tries to jazz it up though. The milled edging plus silver switch found on the side add a bit of interest, nevertheless its square face remains far from fashionable. If it's hoping to pair perfectly with a sharp suit, a gorgeous outfit or simply a good pair of jeans along with a jacket, it's going to want a greater fashion sense.

The black rubber strap isn't precisely very, however, you are able to swap it for any standard observe strap in the event you choose.

The rubber strap is comfortable plus lightweight though isn't very breathable thus it may not be a good gym friend. It is changed with any standard observe strap though to usually pop inside anything more appropriate.

Unlike the Galaxy Gear, the SmartWatch 2 is water immune, permitting it to place up with a bit of light rainfall or perhaps a little splash whenever you're cleaning a hands. It's unfortunately not totally waterproof, thus you'll need to remember to take it off before getting into the party each morning. As Sony has been pushing the waterproofing tech about its excellent Xperia Z plus Z1 smart phones, I absolutely hoped it might do the same about its observe.


Sony's observe has a 1.6-inch show with a 220x176-pixel resolution. It's about the same size because Samsung's Gear, nevertheless the Gear has a high 320x320-pixel resolution, that assists create on-screen text plus icons look much sharper. For the simple info the SmartWatch must show, its resolution is adequate, yet items might look undeniably better with more pixels about board.

The 1.6-inch show may undoubtedly do with a limited more pixels, however, it does the job adequately.

It's bright enough to be watched below many lights though -- including the harsh CNET workplace lights -- plus it's about because colourful because it needs to be. Sure, Sony might have tried to pop inside a vivid OLED panel, nevertheless you're scarcely probably to observe films about a screen which little, thus there's no real need for which quality. For the basic jobs it's there for, the show is fine.

Setting up the SmartWatch 2

Things didn't start perfectly with all the SmartWatch. It's crafted to pair swiftly with an NFC-enabled telephone by tapping the 2 together. Trying this about my Xperia Z1 didn't appear to function though. After a limited taps of nothing happening at all, the observe eventually recommended which an application was required about my telephone -- by showing a pic of the Google Play shop icon, without text to indicate what to download.

The observe has built-in NFC to allow you to connect it to the Android telephone by tapping the 2 together. At least, that's the theory.

After several digging about inside the guide plus online I realised which you ought to have Sony's SmartWatch 2 application absolutely installed about a telephone. That may appear logical, yet nothing inside the setup recommended which this had been a necessary step, as well as the NFC pairing didn't take me to the Play Store page inside purchase to download it, exiting me to figure it out for me. If you're brand-new to the Android globe, anticipate several frustration.

Once pairing is within spot you are able to go regarding having a swipe about its face. You'll rapidly see which there are few apps installed because standard. If you like to use some of the smart functions, you'll need to download a host of separate applications. It's not willing for employ straight from the box, thus you need to set apart certain time to receive everything about board before we strut out into the street.

Features plus functionality

The primary advantage of the SmartWatch over the Galaxy Gear is the amount of accessible apps. Instead of really handling calls plus text messages, the SmartWatch 2 shows the e-mail, and Twitter plus Facebook notifications, Calendar visits plus other jobs -- all handled by individual apps downloadable within the Google Play shop.

Finding plus getting brand-new apps utilizing the application about a telephone is easy, plus it's convenient to tweak the application settings about the telephone. I attacked the Galaxy Gear for phoning itself a "smart watch" without truly operating any smart functions -- it doesn't even have e-mail help. The SmartWatch 2 doesn't have the same condition.

The Watch's interface is reminiscent of Android -- which doesn't create it anymore pleasant to employ though.

What it does have though is a entire mess of its own issues which create it a means more annoying device to reside with. Crucially, I found it to be completely full of insects, causing it to frequently freeze up, disregard screen taps, or randomly switch to standby whilst I utilized it.

The messaging application is regarded as the some apps which appeared to function because it's expected to.

On countless times I found swiping amongst the homescreen panels to be very sluggish -- or I just couldn't swipe at all -- plus it might usually mention the icons of the upcoming panel, before reverting to the past panel. Then it might change off again. I couldn't figure out what caused it to function about several times, however not at all about others.

While it was very easy to navigate whenever the observe did function correctly, its software issues meant which I invested nearly all of my time unable to do anything, exiting me very frustrated with all the entire experience. It may be cheaper than the Gear, however, £150 remains too much to pay for anything which fundamentally doesn't function.

When it functions, the Gmail application lets we see who's emailed, nevertheless we receive such a little preview of messages which you'll nevertheless need the telephone out to find all info.

The apps themselves don't provide a especially brilliant experience either. The Twitter application I downloaded notified me whenever anybody tweeted anything -- it invested nearly all of the evening vibrating about my arm till I place it inside my sock drawer. We might need to dive into the application about a telephone plus muck about with all the settings to resolve this problem. The Facebook notifications app meanwhile up-to-date too gradually to be valuable.

The e-mail plus Gmail apps are handy for instantly seeing that has emailed we, even so they just show a tiny preview of what's inside an e-mail, thus you'll nonetheless have to consider a telephone to do anything, because swiping from the inbox is a miserably sluggish affair.

There's a Twitter application, however, it'll vibrate when anybody we follow tweets anything, except we head into the setup application about the telephone to tinker with all the settings.

The music application, inside theory, lets we see the saved music because thumbnails of the album art for we to control found on the observe face. This too is far from perfect. There's no method to browse a music by artist or album, just to skip back plus forth between tracks, plus it can just provide control over music stored nearby found on the telephone -- Spotify consumers should return to the telephone. At one point it decided which I didn't have to swipe by the entire selection of music I had found on the telephone, however which I could just be capable to hear to Taylor Swift's I Knew We Were Trouble


Sony reckons you are able to eke out about 3-4 days of exactly what it calls "usual use" within the observe. From my own utilize, I'd state that's a small ambitious. Should you take benefit of the smart functions to have the e-mail coming by -- plus in the event you have Twitter perpetually notifying we of everything anybody states -- then we shouldn't anticipate to receive more than a day.

Although Sony states there are 3-4 days of general employ within the observe, I think that's ambitious in the event you take benefit of the smart functions.

You will stretch the lifetime out more by not utilizing some of the smart qualities, nevertheless when you're going to do which, you might also have a standard observe with a power that'll last years.


The Sony SmartWatch 2 makes a bunch of theoretical improvements over Samsung's Galaxy Gear by offering it actual smart functions like e-mail plus social network help. It certainly has the proper idea regarding what a smart observe could do, however, the sheer amount of insects inside its software makes it irritating to employ at ideal plus unusable at worst. The apps themselves don't do enough to permit we to leave the telephone inside the pocket either.

Neither Sony's neither Samsung's tries at watches are at all impressive. If you were capable to take the apps within the SmartWatch plus pair it with all the smooth interface of the Gear, you have a more helpful device. As it stands, the SmartWatch requirements a great deal of function to create it value even the £150 cost. Right today, it's really not.