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Samsung challenger appears for Google Glass

Samsung has been granted a Korean patent for a smart headset the organization is phoning "Sports Glasses".
(Credit: KIPRIS)

It was just a matter of time before another tech giant stepped as much as the plate with a rival for Google Glass. Samsung has been granted a patent by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) for a product it happens to be phoning "스포츠용 안경" — "Sports Glasses".

They're a little clunkier than Google's providing, with glass lenses found on the front, buttons found on the sides, headphones built into the arms of the glasses plus what appears to be a micro-USB cable running down the back. The accompanying document states (severely translated), "The present shape of the earphones plus built-in kinds enjoy music when exercising or 1 which can get calls."

This appears to indicate which the glasses can connect to a smartphone to display incoming info thus which somebody may access their phone's functions hands-free, even take calls, with an focus about exercising.

Of course, patents are granted all time without seeing fruition, plus many patents granted see many updates to the initial shape before hitting the marketplace. We absolutely hope which this ends up being the case with all the Sports Glasses headset — because it currently stands, you imagine people might discover that it doesn't fit well, when at all.

Samsung has declined to comment to The Wall Street Journal, noting which the firm refuses to speak regarding its future plans.