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Google Glass to receive upgrade, usually fit prescription glasses

Existing Google Glass Explorers can trade inside their Google Glass for an up-to-date model which will fit prescription glasses plus shades.
(Credit: Google)

Google has been functioning about creating its headset more accessible, with a free trade-in for the upgraded model for existing Google Glass consumers that bought their Google Glass before October 28 2013.

"Explorers might have a one-time choice to swap out their existing Glass for a brand-new 1," Google wrote inside a Google+ post. "This hardware update allows a Glass to function with future lines of shades plus prescription frames, plus we'll moreover include a mono earbud."

Users is notified inside the coming weeks for you to exchange their Google Glass, plus can have 60 days within the commencement of the swap system to do thus.

Google Glass Explorers — which is, programmers plus early adopters that are assisting Google develop the device — usually furthermore be capable to ask neighbors to join the Explorer system. "Over the upcoming limited weeks, all Explorers might have the chance to ask 3 neighbors to join the system," Google wrote. "They'll be capable to purchase Glass online plus will have it shipped to their house, workplace, treehouse or igloo. We're counting about we to receive Glass to the persons we think makes desirable Explorers."

This appears to confirm a report inside the Financial Times which Google is speeding up Glass creation. An unnamed source told the paper which Google is releasing tens of thousands more units inside the coming months — a big heighten, because just about 10,000 Google Glass headsets are inside the wild.

Google Glass is expected to hit the commercial marketplace sometime upcoming year.