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New Livescribe pen goes iPhone plus iPad just

The newest iteration of the Livescribe smartpen has had its built-in sound recording removed plus today just functions over iPhones plus iPads running iOS 7.
(Credit: Livescribe)

The Livescribe series has usually been capable to record both handwritten notes plus sound. Utilizing a mixture of unique notepaper along with a camera inside the pen, a notes — or sketches, scrawls, mathematical formulations, doodles — will be recorded digitally plus any sound synced with them.

At which point, we might sync the notes through a PC, the later Livescribe Sky model did this automatically through Wi-Fi , or we may merely utilize the playback function found on the pen. If you tapped about a specific note, the pen might play the sound that has been recorded at the time which note was created.

For journalists it was an incredible device, though it was equally handy for pupils, writers or merely anybody whom required to take notes frequently throughout meetings.

The benefit was inside the simplicity of Livescribe: it was nevertheless really a pen plus paper. The extended standby power existence meant we might keep it inside a bag for extended periods of time till required, plus we might immediately review all sound recordings, even without a pair of headphones. There had been a suite of different functionality too, including limited code translation, syncing with Evernote plus additional apps, the ability to share "pencasts" and more.

The Livescribe 3, found on the additional hand, has no sound recorder plus rather pairs with iPhone or iPad through Bluetooth plus utilizes the microphone found on the device. Written notes (nonetheless requiring the specialized paper) are instantaneously synced with all the sound found on the Livescribe+ application. From there, naturally, you are able to share digitised notes through e-mail, SMS, AirDrop, Dropbox, Evernote and so forth.

In fact, the pen appears to have been re-created about the idea of it being an Apple peripheral plus companion application instead of a stand-alone device.

The Livescribe 3 is about the same dimensions because the Echo model — removing the sound recording has shaved off 5g, dropping the fat to 34g. The shape is rounder, with a centre ring which twists to both start the Bluetooth plus extend the ink nib.

The approach of "appifying" the Livescribe 3 plus alienating Android plus Windows consumers appears a small mystifying, though Livescribe claims which help for those platforms is accessible at certain point. More importantly, the act of taking notes today needs we to keep in mind to charge up plus carry 2 equipment, and a separate notepad.

As a long time consumer of Livescribe pens — all 3 models within the Pulse to the Sky — the Livescribe 3 holds small appeal plus feels like a step backwards inside terms of shape plus function. Being forced to carry a telephone or pill to access the simple functions of the pen looks counter-intuitive to the standard premise of Livescribe.

The Livescribe 3 comes because an AU$199 starter kit, with all the pen along with a 50-page laptop, or an AU$269 Pro Edition, with a leather smartpen portfolio, a 100-sheet hardbound log along with a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium.