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The leading online cell phone accessories company,, has recently launched a big sale of iPhone 5 rhinestone cases , including those of the newest designs. All customers that buy things from 8:00-10:00 in the morning will get a gift. The price is quite favorable, for discounts are offered from 20% to 40%.

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Portable speakers plus premium telephone situations are 2 desirable tastes which taste desirable together, at smallest when you've got enough disposable money to afford both about... by Jeremiah Rice inside Accessories, News.

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FNB has announced it has started marketing smart device accessories, a move that will add to speculation which the bank has dreams about becoming a mobile internet network operator (MVNO). FNB, that has 7 dotFNB divisions placed inside 3 provinces, claims its accessory providing involves a range of covers, screen protectors, chargers, plus WiFi routers which is chosen inside combination with all the FNB Connect information providing for clients that have ADSL lines.

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Mobile telephone producers whom have operations inside Ghana have hinted which they might heighten the costs of cell phones when government didn't scrap the lately introduced 20% import taxes about mobile handsets plus accessories. Representative of a few of the producers told ADOMBUSINESS inside separate interviews they wouldn't be capable to absorb the taxes about behalf of customers thus the handset costs can certainly rise when they begin paying the taxes.

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06/26/2013 -- Then with Nokia plus Samsung unlocked mobile accessible at, consumers can buy the cheaper localized SIM card plus avail localized rates when continue utilizing their favorite cellular phone. It allows consumers to take benefit of the neighborhood costs for creating calls, sending messages or utilizing web choices at cheaper rates.

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