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Researchers at the University of Texas, Arlington, have designed a microscopic windmill that, en masse, could be used to power mobile electronics.

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Still need to buy that last-minute gift? Don't worry, there's still time: we look at ten of the best mobile accessories that you can buy online.

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An overpriced companion device which fails to excel at any specific function.

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The newest iteration of the Livescribe smartpen has had its built-in sound recording removed plus today just functions over iPhones plus iPads running iOS 7.(Credit: Livescribe)The Livescribe series has usually been capable to record both handwritten notes plus sound. Utilizing a mixture of unique notepaper along with a camera inside the pen, a notes — or sketches, scrawls, mathematical formulations, doodles — will be recorded digitally plus any sound synced with them.At which point, we might sync the notes through a PC, the later Livescribe Sky model did this automatically through Wi-Fi , or we may merely utilize the playback...

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Scentee would like to expand a smartphone horizons plus add smell to the senses a telephone absolutely stimulates. The plug-in accessory attaches to headphone.

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