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Accessories distributor Activ8 is hitting the high street with plans to roll out a network of mobile phone repair and accessories shops across the UK. The distributor has already opened its first high street store in Stoke city centre and is set to open a second store in Watford in the new year, with a third planned within the first quarter of 2014.

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Samsung has a new clip-on GamePad accessory for its Galaxy smartphones and phablets, with built-in NFC.

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Got an Android phone? You can use Samsung’s Gamepad controller with it; the accessory is optimized for Galaxy devices but can be used with any phone running Android 4.1 or better.

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I have usually maintained which inside various techniques, a modern telephone is a lot like a fresh vehicle. It's a prized possession which 1 cannot wait to show off to family plus neighbors. However before flaunting, you constantly accessorise to create it look nicer. With elevating recognition for smartphones plus additional mobile equipment inside the nation, there is furthermore improving need for mobile accessories.

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Samsung has been granted a Korean patent for a smart headset the business is phoning "Sports Glasses".

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