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OK, so we didn’t see Samsung’s Galaxy S5. But that disappointment aside, CES 2014 has served up some stellar new kit. Top-end tablets, new smartphones and snazzy smartwatches have all helped the year get off to an impressive start. We’ve trawled the halls and scoured the web to find the best new mobile products from the show.

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This smartwatch aims to be a notice device above all else, plus advantages greatly from which easy approach.

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With its good selection of apps providing e-mail plus social network help, the Sony SmartWatch 2 has actual smart functions, unlike the Galaxy Gear. Its buggy software plus bad processor, but, create utilizing the observe beyond frustrating. It's furthermore not waterproof as well as the power existence didn't impress.

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The Kreyos tracks the escapades, is water-resistant, plus has speakerphone features along with a snap-out shape -- what can't it do?

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