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Located in the heart of high tech and ripe vines (northern California) Cable And Case is your first and only stop for the best prices and selection on quality Android & iOS accessories. We're a family run business full of tech geeks and fan boys. Our family wants your family to be happy with the online shopping experience. We will personally answer questions (nothing is farmed out overseas), and handle all your orders with care.

Even though we provide the best Android and iOS accessories at the best prices we won't stop trying to impress you when your order is complete. If you have any issue please reach out to us we will make it right... we're obsessed with your happiness! Even if you a have question about your device that's not related to a purchase, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for your trust and your business!


PO Box 610

El Verano, CA



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Voicemail System: (We will not process customer service via phone, use the "Contact Form" link above for returns, order issues, customer service or replacement requests)
(707) A-Store-4